The Best Data Recovery Solution Is The Right One?

Which one is the right one for me and does it keep what it promises? In the situation you are in, you just want to get your Data Recovery back quickly and not have to put the multitude of products through their paces and compare them with each other.

What must recovery software be able to do?

  • the software should be easy and intuitive to use
  • the recovery rate should be average
  • should be affordable
  • it must support the hardware used
  • it should be able to handle corrupt data carriers or deleted partitions
  • you should be able to search for file types
  • it should be able to preview the data to be recovered
  • in case of problems, the manufacturer should offer support

In the past few years I have already bought several products and unfortunately wasted a lot of money. But with Ease US Data Recovery Wizard I have now found the right software solution..

Data Recovery

This practical test shows that the software kept what the manufacturer promised.

The files had been deleted for over a month before being restored. The recovery worked, although new write accesses took place weekly on the hard disk (SSD).

The recovery rate withWikipediaData Recovery Wizard is 97.3 percent.

At this point, of course, a bit of luck is also involved. Expressed in numbers, I was lucky 2.7 percent and the software contributed the rest.

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