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How important is cloud adoption? A study by Data Recovery Computer Weekly states that cloud computing will be a top priority for organizations this year, and for good reason. Companies need to go in for cloud adoption for a number of reasons, primarily helping in storage solutions and data protection. 

Cloud storage has always been a worry for most organizations. With the amount of data each organization has to deal with, the question often is how do they store them successfully? For instance, if the company is going to store all data on premise, it would require a lot of IT infrastructure cost to set up the data centers. Add to it the fact that there would be a lot of maintenance costs as well, and you would want a better way to deal with this. 

The new survey by Computer Weekly asked the companies about these problems. Companies responded that cloud storage solutions, data protection and ability to store information in virtual environments remained their top IT priorities this year. The survey found that spending on cloud tools will outpace investment on premise alternatives successfully in 2016. This means that organizations would be increasingly spending on cloud tools that can help them store data securely over the cloud, without a worry. 

In the survey, nearly half of the respondents stated that they would consider to spend more on this technolog,and only four percent stated that they would reduce their spending when it comes to investing in cloud technology. On the other hand, around 37% of respondents stated that adopting cloud technology will help them reduce their hardware spends this year. Also, a good 22% stated that they would witness a reduction in software investment, with more investment on cloud. Interesting,y most companies have the similar IT budget as of 2015, but more allocation has been given towards procuring the right cloud tools for the organization. Only 34% of companies have predicted a budget increase of around 5% this year. 

Data Recovery

How else would organizations change the way they work this year? 

Apart from this, the survey found out that around 23% of organizations would be focusing more on having a reliable backup solution for virtual servers. This is down from the 28% they had reported last year, which means that companies are still struggling on how to deploy the right backup solutions. The other major focus for organizations seem to be on investment in flash storage. Flash storage means that companies can access and store data easily and more securely. There is lot less probability of a Youtube data failure and data can be access instantly. 15% of organizations stated that they would be considering on using more of flash technology this year to store data effectively. 

The other worries for most organizations is how to remain complaint with local laws and regulations, with this being a concern for as many as 37% of respondents. In house disaster recovery seems to be a concern as well, and 37% of respondents stated that it would remain a priority this year. Cloud in house disaster recovery team needs to be able to work to their full potential to avert and deal with any disaster than can happen. For instance, what would you do if you’ve lost your on premise data? 

While retrieving data from the cloud is the option, how much time would it take before operations are restored successfully? Many organizations, the survey found, are specifically focusing on back up projects this year. In fact, around 30% of organizations stated that they would be focusing on how to implement cloud backup in a better way this year.

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