New Turtle Beach Data Recovery Services Pro Headsets

Whether you consider yourself a casual gamer, or even a hardcore player, you know the Data Recovery Services right headset can make all the difference in your game play. In my home, Call Of Duty is the reigning game series, and on more than once occasion, they have been the difference in either winning or losing a match. 

My favorite headset that we’ve ever owned, has been my Elite Pro’s. Now, I don’t spend near as much time playing as my husband and sons, but let me tell ya, comfort is a big deal for me. I wear glasses, and as many of you may know, finding a headset that doesn’t smash Data Recovery Services the frames into the sides of my face, can often be difficult. With my Pro’s though, they are constructed in such a way that, my frames are no longer smashed into my face, and the top of my head isn’t sore from the weight of the ear muffs dragging them down on my skull. 

In addition, the ear portion is made with a thicker, larger ear pad, that prevents your ears from touching the insides, and in turn prevents ear fatigue and soreness. Even though I have spurts of playing for hours, they still feel as comfortable after 4 hours, as they did when I first put them on. 

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Next, we move on to the sound quality. In the past, with headphone/mic bundles, we experienced a less than desirable sound quality. Everything was staticy, and loose. Now however, you will experience Feed quite concise, clear sound. I have even been caught using them while I work, plugged into my iPhone listening to my favorite tunes. Another big thing for me, was the clarity in the mic.

For most gamers, especially in first-person shooter games, being heard loud and clear, is paramount in staging the perfect attack, or even in defending your position. There were only downfalls I really see with the Elite Pro headset. The first is storage. I believe in keeping my gaming area neat and tidy, however, due to the bulky size, storing them is a bit difficult. Unless you plan to just Facebook throw them on your game console or desk.

Secondly, I would prefer the earphones be made from a little bit stronger material than the thin vinyl that currently covers them. Perhaps in the future, these are some concerns we will see corrected, but for now they aren’t deal breakers. In conclusion, we love the Elite Pro headset more than any prior set. As with any accessory, there are some downfalls, but none of them are serious, and you won’t get a better headset for the price.

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