Open Source Data Recovery Tools To The Rescue

Disasters can occur any time. It does not matter the kind of computer you are using because even the best computers are affected by disasters. Fortunately, you can recover such data and bring your system back to function by using open source data recovery tools. They are very advantageous because you will not be bound to agreements or subscribe to licences associated with other data recovery service providers.

In addition, open source tools allow you to rework the source codes so as to satisfy your specific needs. They include System Rescue CD, Parted Magic, Test Disk, dd, Back Track, Helix, Security Tools Distribution, Linux and many more. We shall take you through different types ofData Recoveryusing open source data recovery tools.

Simple Data Recovery :

Simple recovery is mainly used to recover data that has just been deleted. This could be by accident or mistake in the course of working. By using your preferred open source tool, you can scan your file system to identify the deleted file so that you can recover it.

Removable Storage/ Optical Media :

It includes the use of CDs and DVDs to recover data. Ensure that the CD or DVD you are using is free from scratches so that it is readable when placed in a computer. CDs have better error correction ability and are good at recovering data.

Data Recovery

Complex Data Recovery :

Complex recovery involves complex cases such as hard disk partitions or boot loaders missing in your computer as well as the information contained in them. Complex recovery allows you to use two approaches. The first one is recovering information from the partition without reconstructing it. The second one is trying to partition the metadata on the partition and remounting the partition in the normal way. The first option is good because it is easy to apply while the second one provides you with complete data recovery.

Encrypted Media Recovery : 

Recovering encryptedTwitterdata is quite challenging. You need to be very careful when carrying out this type of recovery. It is recommended that you backup the encrypted files and then place them in a place that is much safer.

Bottom Line :

In conclusion, whatever the kind of data recovery you choose to employ, always ensure that the media you want to recover is mounted as read-only. This helps to prevent a situation where the operating system mounts and performs read/write operations on a weak drive. You should also save the image on another storage device before beginning to work on it.

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